Integrated and comprehensive approaches to ensure high level of efficiency and risk reduction.

АANALYSIS, evaluation and planning of management system

  • Management structure analysis and assessment 
  • Business processes analysis and assessment 
  • Risk detection and assessment 
  • Management efficiency assessment 
  • Budgeting Market and investment environment analysis 

Development and optimization of the control system

  • Business structure formation and optimization 
  • Formalization of business processes 
  • Regulation and standardization of functional processes 
  • Standardization of products and services 
  • Relationships with partners 
  • Risk management 

Management Accounting

  • Management accounting system analysis and assessment 
  • Management of Accounting Recovery Management of 
  • Accounting Policy development 
  • Management accounting system formulation and maintenance 
  • Management Accounting 
  • Efficiency figure estimation 


  • Documentation system analysis 
  • Documentation system development 
  • External documentation system development 

Tax Calculation Procedures

  • Tax policy 
  • Legal requirements and accounting 
  • Technology 

Reorganization,, liquidations, bankruptcies

  • Restructuring 
  • Liquidations 
  • Bankruptcies 
  • Termination of activity 

Human resources management

  • Stuff analysis and assessment 
  • Development and implementation of training and 
  • Stuff motivation system development and implementation 
  • Stuff accounting system development and maintenance 


  • Internal control system analysis and assessment 
  • Internal control system development and implementation 
  • External control mechanisms