tax consulting

Best approaches and sustainability. 
Full, comprehensive services and optimization of taxation.

Tax analysis and assessment

  • Partial tax assessment 
  • Complex tax assessment 
  • Tax risk 
  • Analysis and Assessment

Tax planning

  • Short term tax planning 
  • Long term tax planning

Tax optimization

  • Optimization by taxes 
  • Optimization by contracts 
  • Optimization by projects 
  • Complex optimization

Tax accounting recovery

  • Tax accounting aggregate data recovery 
  • Primary accounting data recovery 

Tax Calculation Procedures

  • Tax policy 
  • Legal requirements and accounting 
  • Technology 

Reorganization,, liquidations, bankruptcies

  • Restructuring 
  • Liquidations 
  • Bankruptcies 
  • Termination of activity 

International transactions, double taxation

  • Double Taxation 
  • Agreements Foreign economic activity 
  • Interstate transactions 
  • Transnational transformation 

Transfer pricing

  • Related transactions 
  • Transnational business structure 


  • Business place identification 
  • Registration procedures 


  • Preparation of declarations 
  • Multiple residencies  

Nonp rofit Organizations

  • Non-profit operations 
  • Commercial operations 

Relations with tax authorities and appeals

  • Official inquiries and clarifications 
  • Preparation for tax inspections 
  • Examination of the actions of the tax authority 
  • Representation of tax inspections and other procedures 
  • Appeals to administrative authorities 
  • Court appeals